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Brown NAS Lid Handler

Brown Machine Group takes NAS Trim Press Product Handling to the next level

BEAVERTON, Michigan – Brown Machine Group will introduce a new NAS Trim Press Handling System at NPE2018 The Plastics Show in Orlando May 7, 2018. (NAS) Nalle Automation Systems (NAS), is Brown Machine Group’s automation division.

The new system provides product handling that is easy to operate, accurate, precise and all contained within the smallest footprint available. Ease of operation and accuracy is the foundation of the new design.

Product fallback is virtually eliminated with product containment features throughout the entire system. This ensures smooth transitions throughout the stages of the handler, eliminating damaged product while providing accurate stack counts. Upon a long eject from the trim press the rake system cradles the product, front and back, ensuring the product is retained properly and precisely. The rakes are easily adjusted to your product stack length and are servo-driven on linear rails for precise positioning. An adjustable brush system contains each stack individually in preparation of the pick head transfer onto the conveyor. These brushes can be adjusted with inline access and provide ample room for part retention changes. “When we developed our first TPH system, we were commissioned to design the handler as simple as possible. Our customer had experience with TPH systems in the past and understood the complexity and talent level that was involved to make these systems operate efficiently. We have carried some of that mentality into our new systems today understanding the need for operator friendly controls, ease of maintenance, set-up and dependability,” stated Tom Nalle, VP of Sales.

The patent pending overhead pick head is designed with quick change and fine-tuning adjustments in mind. The adjustable fingers can be fine-tuned to your specific product diameter with an adjustment dial. They individual fingers can also be adjusted independently to match multiple center line positions. The overhead pick head system is servo-driven and actuated on liner bearings to provide smooth, precise movement of your product. Bob Gordert, Brown Machine Group Director of Sales, commented “The NAS TPH system is a substantial addition to our product line and fits seamlessly with our servo trim press offerings. The collaboration between our groups allow us to be in the forefront of innovation and to understand the needs and demands from not only the automation but from the upstream equipment as well.”

The system also features a cleanout mode to reduce downtime during startups and can be used during production runs to remove individual stacks of lids prior to being introduced into the bagger, this feature is controlled through the HMI and is easily programmable on-the-fly. Various bagging solutions are available for these units and are integrated into the system for a seamless integration.

About Brown Machine Group
Brown Machine Group in Beaverton, MI, is a global leader in thermoforming technology and innovation with high-quality product lines manufactured by Brown Machine, Lyle Industries, and Nalle Automation Systems. It designs and manufactures a complete line of continuous and cut-sheet thermoforming equipment, automation systems and provides related services including retrofit upgrades, tooling, prototyping, process optimization and technical support. Its equipment has been “Made in the USA” since 1952 and it has thermoforming systems operating in over 65 countries worldwide in virtually every industry. Visit for more information.

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Bob Gordert
Director of Sales
Brown Machine Group
(989) 435-7741 x1204