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Brown Quad Series Dual Servo

Brown Machine Group’s new Brown Quad Series Dual Servo Drive system pushes the versatility envelope

BEAVERTON, Michigan – Brown Machine Group will unveil the next generation Quad Series Dual Servo-Drive Thermoformer at NPE2018 The Plastics Show in Orlando May 7, 2018.

The launch of the Quad series in 2009 has been one of the most successful innovations in the continuous thermoforming industry. Since the introduction of the Quad Series at NPE 2009, the demand for these machines remains stronger than ever. In fact since 2009, over 62% of new Brown thermoformers have been designed and manufactured with the Quad station for various applications and materials, quickly becoming the pinnacle of Brown’s thermoformer offerings. Even with this success it was evident that not all production requirements were being met to Brown standards.

“While the quad station provides unparalleled tonnage and rigidity we were limited on speed. We started to see a high level of demand for Quad stations no matter the product or material, this was to ensure they had high tonnage capabilities for the future. In doing so we found our customers were limited on platen speed while running light gauge lids or containers, ultimately effecting their cycle time” says Jason Newman, National Sales Manager. The original design of the Quad station was focused on high tonnage, in excess of 180 tons of coining force. While the design meets or exceeds all of the cycle time expectations of standard cups or deep draw products, it is limited in higher cycle times used for thin gauge applications.

The Quad series now offers a dual servo drive system to not only achieve and maintain industry leading tonnage but provide cycle times in excess of 40 cycles per minute. “These machines are a large investment for our customers, it’s our responsibility to ensure they are meeting their production requirements and goals. They need the quickest ROI possible and the way to achieve this is by making good product faster.” says Bob Gordert, Director of Sales. The Quad Series station, toggles, platens and drive assemblies can withstand tremendous force without deflection. Each platen is driven by two Yaskawa servo motors and has four mechanical toggle assemblies that are corner-guided by four linear bearings. The toggles are strategically positioned on a honeycomb platen designed to eliminate deflection and guarantee consistent material distribution across the complete mold area. Symmetrical drive loads throughout the toggle linkages and drive system eliminate all over-hung loads.

While evaluating the design requirements for the dual servo motor system, careful consideration was taken for existing machines in operation. Existing stations in operation can be retrofitted with the dual servo drive system at a much lower cost than a new machine.

About Brown Machine Group
Brown Machine Group in Beaverton, MI, is a global leader in thermoforming technology and innovation with high-quality product lines manufactured by Brown Machine, Lyle Industries, and Nalle Automation Systems. It designs and manufactures a complete line of continuous and cut-sheet thermoforming equipment, automation systems and provides related services including retrofit upgrades, tooling, prototyping, process optimization and technical support. Its equipment has been “Made in the USA” since 1952 and it has thermoforming systems operating in over 65 countries worldwide in virtually every industry. Visit for more information.

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Director of Sales
Brown Machine Group
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