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Brown Machine Group Brown LR-2020S LIp Roller

Brown Machine Group introduces new Servo Driven LR-2020S Lip Roller

The LR-2020S Lip Roller is the newest innovation from Brown following the release of the Elite Series Trim Press and the Quad Series Thermoformer. The new design concept follows the next steps of innovation in providing the operator with a user-friendly control system and process to optimize changeover time while increasing output. The new servo driven lip roller allows for recipe storage through the HMI for a host of products and processes, virtually eliminating the need for manual adjustments. “The traditional lip rollers available in the market place, including the traditional Brown LR-Series have all been manual setup with manual adjustments,” states Jason Newman, National Sales Manager. “Beyond the lack of skilled labor, the set-up can be very time consuming and costly between product runs. Our new design will allow operators to pull from their previously stored recipes, providing quick startup times while maintaining consistency between runs and products.”

For a copy of the full press release, click below.