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Increase Die-cutter Productivity with Axatronics C-Rush

Reduce Manual Labor with C-RUSH System for Paper Cup Manufacturing

Brown Machine Group (BMG) is pleased to announce the -aXatronics C-RUSH System, designed for use in paper cup manufacturing applications. The first of its kind to automatically remove sidewalls, or Blanks, from high-speed, vertical die-cutters and robotically place them into work-in-progress containers, the C-RUSH System significantly reduces manual labor and improves die-cutter productivity. C-RUSH is equipped with SMART-DOLA™ – a new patent pending die-cutter output lane assembly (DOLA) fixture that dramatically improves overall system throughput.

Designed by aXatronics and manufactured in the Nalle Automation Systems (NAS) facility in Knoxville TN, C-RUSH allows the operator to interface with the die-cutter by pausing and resuming the robotic pick and place automation. No robotic experience or a high level of training is required to operate the system, which can handle up to two million 21-ounce sidewalls per day – the equivalent of more than 20 tons of paper. Designed for 24/7 operation, C-RUSH makes die-cutters more productive by reducing die-cutter downtime or production slowdown due to personnel fatigue.

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