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BMG Advanced Digital Readiness™ Thermoforming Market’s First Secure Customer Data Portal

Brown Machine Group (BMG) is pleased to announce the launch of the BMG Advanced Digital Readiness™ (BMG ADR™) platform, a web- and app-based portal to access important process data in thermoforming and product handling applications. Available both with new installations and as a retrofit for most BMG machinery from the past several decades, ADR enables operators, maintenance personnel, operations teams, and executive leadership to interface with equipment securely and in real-time.

The new BMG ADR™ platform is highly customizable to meet individual customer requirements, with unlimited custom alerts by text message or email, for a wide range of possible alarm conditions. By customizing the ADR tool to their specific needs, users can review how critical assets are running, analyze unplanned downtime, and improve operations through notifications when user-defined parameters are out of range.

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