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Lyle® 200-Series


High-output thermoformer designed for 2-stage forming applications

The Lyle 200-Series is the industry standard for forming CPET products that require a high tonnage two-stage forming process. The dual stage valve package provides independent control of the two-stage forming process and can be configured through the PLC to operate in conventional mode for non-CPET applications, such as PS, PET, PP and more. The unique twin station design also allows for extended mold lengths when running commonly used plastic materials for high production runs. The heavy-duty servo-driven twin forming station is designed to ensure precise, well-defined parts for difficult-to-form materials while optimizing your process window.

  • Versatile, Precise Controls – standard with Informer™ series Mitsubishi control system
  • 2-Stage Forming – dual station servo platen drives and integrated twin form stations enhance front-to-back clamping force, resulting in well-defined parts made with difficult-to-form materials
  • Dual Stage Valve Package – independent control of 2-stage forming process controlled through the PLC
  • Oven – multiple zone ovens designed specifically for 2-stage processing ensure optimal end-use performance
  • Quick-Change Tool Package
  • Dual Circuit Servo Valve Package
  • Servo Head Adjust
  • Servo Oven Positioning
  • Servo Rail Adjustment
  • Sheet Edge Pre-Heaters
  • Extruder Synchronization
  • UL, CE, CSA & HSE Approvals
  • International Voltages Available
Maximum Mold Size (Width x Length) 30" x 60" 762mm x 1524mm 40" x 80" 1016mm x 2032mm
Platen Stroke - Top / Bottom* 7" / 7" 178mm / 178mm 7" / 7" 178mm / 178mm
Maximum Forming Pressure 100 psi 100 psi
Sheet Width 33" 838mm 43" 1092mm
Oven Four stops top and bottom Four stops top and bottom
Air Consumption @ 80 psi† 1.00 scfm 1.00 scfm
Sequential Cycle Control Integrated Mitsubishi PLC / Drives Integrated Mitsubishi PLC / Drives
*Deep draw configurations available
†Air consumption does not include tooling functions