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The well-proven Axatronics C-RUSH System automatically removes sidewalls from high-speed, vertical die-cutters (blankers) and robotically places the sidewalls into work-in-progress containers. The turn-key system uses a single, uniquely designed robotic end-of-arm-tool (EOAT) to automatically unload a multilane die-cutter before placing each stack of sidewalls into a tote. Lane handling and stacking configuration includes interleaving tier sheets and stacking patterns engineered to each cup’s specifications. The C-RUSH System automatically changes its configuration with no operator intervention when changing dies.

  • Designed for collaborative use by allowing the operator to interface with the diecutter via pausing and resuming robot automation
  • Capable of servicing a 5 cavity die with the die-cutter running at 425 strokes/minute
  • Single EOAT handles cup sizes from 12 oz to 30 oz
  • Die-cutter output is managed by a “Die-Cutter Output Lane Assembly” (DOLA) designed specifically for each die
  • Automated conveyor system transfers empty totes into load position after full totes are automatically discharged
  • Operator safeguards include fencing and personnel laser-based area sensors providing CAT 3 safety
  • Sidewall picking and placing parameters are contained within each Smart-DOLATM via “recipes”
  • Automatic recovery after E-STOP clear acknowledgement
  • Optional interface with PMC HS800 diecutter allows system to regulate the speed of the die-cutter
  • Major system components are integrated on a steel weldment permitting rapid installation
  • Conveyor system is designed with automated guided vehicle (AGV) capabilities