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Brown’s CS-Series thermoformer is a fast, flexible, entry-level workhorse that is easily capable of running a multitude of products and materials. The CS can be configured with basic standard features, or with an infinite array of options including deep or shallow draw, making it a perfect fit for products such as cups, lids, plates and trays. Whether your schedule demands short runs or long runs, no matter the product, you can be assured the CS-Series will provide you with years of service at peak performance.

  • Smart Control – Brown’s Allen-Bradley/Yaskawa integrated intelligent control system monitors machine performance with out-of-range operation warnings, automatic critical machine adjustments and preventative maintenance schedules
  • Patented Servo Plug Drive – Increased process window with improved material distribution
  • Versatility – Deep or shallow draw products from virtually any thermoformable material
  • Top or Bottom Servo Plug Drive (Patented)
  • Quick-Change Tool Features
  • Six Point Platen Guiding
  • Servo Valve Package
  • Servo Head Adjust
  • Hinged Rails
  • Expanded Smart Control
  • Deep Draw Capabilities
  • Vacuum Pulse Process
  • Sheet Edge Pre-Heaters
  • Clamshell Oven
  • Motorized Rail Adjustment
  • Extruder Synchronization Eye
  • UL, CE, CSA & HSE Approvals
  • International Voltages Available
CS-2100 CS-3036 CS-4500 CS-5500
Maximum Mold Size (Width x Length) 25” x 26” 635mm x 660mm 30” x 36” 762mm x 914mm 40” x 42” 1016mm x 1067mm 50” x 50” 1270mm x 1270mm
Platen Stroke - Top / Bottom* 7.38" / 7.38" 187mm / 187mm 7.38" / 7.38" 187mm / 187mm 9.75" / 9.75" 248mm / 248mm 9.75" / 9.75" 248mm / 248mm
Maximum Forming Pressure 100 psi 100 psi 100 psi 100 psi
Sheet Width 28" 711mm 33" 838mm 43" 1092mm 53" 1346mm
Oven Three stops or four stops top and bottom Three stops or four stops top and bottom Four stops or five stops top and bottom Four stops or five stops top and bottom
Air Consumption @ 80 psi† 1.00 scfm 1.00 scfm 1.00 scfm 1.00 scfm
*Deep draw configurations available
†Air consumption does not include tooling functions
Machines available in pneumatic configuration