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The NAS e-Wrap Series™ Bagger system automates your mailing needs using center-fold roll stock to create envelopes ready to receive product, apply a shipping label, and finish the envelope for shipment – eliminating the need for pre-formed bags. You no longer need various size bags. e-Wrap™ identifies the product edge which allows bags to be made in various lengths, minimizing material waste, and maximizing warehouse space utilization.

The e-Wrap Series™ Bagger is available in various seal assembly configurations from 8″ x 10″ up to 20″ x 20″ and jaw openings up to 12″ at an approximate rate of 22 bags per minute.

The e-Wrap™ Bagger offers modern innovation with unparalleled reliability and versatility. Allow your current WMS System to be linked to the e-Wrap™ for seamless integration into your current warehouse system with little-to-no alterations to the product flow.

All e-Wrap Series™ Baggers utilize our patented low-temperature sealing system, custom designed infeed, and custom designed discharge options for your specific facility requirements.

Save money, increase your productivity, reliability, and accuracies when you use the NAS e-Wrap Series™ Bagger system for ecommerce.

  • Fully welded powder-coated steel frame
  • NAS patented low-temperature sealing system – this low-energy sealing system is designed to run at a lower temperature to help prevent film build-up during the sealing process. This system requires less maintenance than higher temperature sealing systems.
  • Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC Controls with high resolution HMI
  • Trimmed or trimless seal assemblies
  • Horizontal seal assembly configurations from 8″ x 10″ up to 20″ x 20″ and jaw opening up to 12″ at a rate of approximately 22 bags per minute
  • High-capacity motor-driven film feed
  • Large-capacity powered film unwind cradle
  • Brown Machine Group ADR™: remote diagnostics, historical data and trending capabilities
  • Label application verification
  • Right-hand or left-hand orientation
  • Air evacuation capabilities
  • Casters for ease of mobility
  • Touchless operation
  • Hard guarding
  • Custom designed infeed systems
  • Custom designed discharge systems
  • Dual print capabilities
  • Self-contained scrap wind system
  • Venturi scrap starter system
  • Dual palm
  • Print registration
  • Servo film feed
  • Easy open perforated bag