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Lyle® P2-Series

Horizontal Trim Presses

Expect dependable service and ease of operation from this rugged trim press

The P2-Series horizontal trim press offers high-speed trim operations and a multitude of features to achieve trim accuracy, extended tool life and ease of maintenance. This versatile trim press is used to trim a wide variety of parts, from shallow to deep draw and from virtually any plastic material. The servo feed system provides accurate positioning while the press is in operation and is controlled through the PLC. The P2-Series comes standard with linear bearings promoting extended tool life and side load capabilities for quick and easy changeover of your trim tooling. You can expect years of service and dependability from this rugged trim press.

  • Versatile, Precise Controls – standard with Informer™ series Mitsubishi control system
  • Servo Fine Tuning – the servo feed system allows infinite positioning for trimming accuracy and can be adjusted while the press is in operation
  • Linear Bearing Guide System – provides precise trimming of difficult-to-cut materials and reduces trim die maintenance
  • Dual Flywheel and Dual Connecting Arm – for enhanced platen stability and provide superior slow- or high-speed operation
  • Quick-Change Tool Package
  • Tool Carts & Die Set Roller/Elevator Systems
  • Fine Adjust Connecting Arms
  • Quick-Change Feed & Canopy Guides
  • Servo Ejector with Count and Eject Capabilities
  • High-Speed Platen Counterbalance
  • UL, CE, CSA & HSE Approvals
  • International Voltages Available
130P2 140P2 152P2 165P2
Maximum Trim Tonnage 15 tons 134 kn 30 tons 267 kn 30 tons 267 kn 40 tons 357 kn
Operating Speeds Up to 145 spm with counterbalance Up to 145 spm with counterbalance Up to 145 spm with counterbalance Up to 145 spm with counterbalance
Minimum Adjustable Stroke 3" 76mm 3" 76mm 3" 76mm 3" 76mm
Maximum Adjustable Stroke 13.5" 343mm 13.5" 343mm 16.5" 419mm 16.5" 419mm
Stationary Platen Opening* (Width x Length) 12.25" x 30.5" 311mm x 775mm 12.25" x 40.5" 311mm x 1029mm 16.5" x 52.5" 419mm x 1334mm 16.5" x 65.5" 419mm x 1664mm
Maximum Sheet Width 34" 44" 56" 69"
Air Consumption @ 80 psi† .01 scf maximum per cycle .01 scf maximum per cycle .01 scf maximum per cycle .01 scf maximum per cycle
Quick Tool Change Frame (Side Load) Standard Standard Standard Standard
*Deep draw configurations available
†Air consumption does not include tooling functions