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Brown® SV-Series

Vacuum Shuttle Thermoformers


Brown offers the most advanced and reliable multi-station shuttle equipment on the market ideal for shorter runs and frequent changeovers. The SV-Series is ideal for large products made with heavy gauge materials. The shuttle car indexes material through the process by loading, heating, forming and unloading sequentially. Brown provides the ultimate direct drive and closed-loop motion-controlled platen systems, this insures precise and reliable platen parallelism for superior stable process performance. Combined with energy efficient infrared ovens and the latest quick-change features, Brown delivers unsurpassed durability, longevity and return on your investment.

  • Leading Durability and Longevity
  • Direct Drive Platens
  • Closed Loop Multi-Axis Motion Control
  • Machine Designed for future upgrades
  • Mold Sizes – from 3′ x 4′ to 12′ x 24’+
  • Platen Speed – 10″ or 12″ per second
  • Platen Strokes – from 15″ to 100″+
  • High Output Part Cooling System
  • Ideal Oven Zoning – Ceramic Elements
  • Solid State Relays Oven Control
  • Oven Fire Protection – Air Jet
  • Point IR Sheet Temperature Monitoring
  • Aluminum Extrusion Clamp Frames
  • Sheet Load and Part Unload Lift Table Systems
  • Allen-Bradley PLC and PC Interface Machine Controls
  • HMI Touch Screen with Intuitive Screens
  • Infinite Product Recipe Storage and Recall
  • Air-Conditioned Main Electrical Panel(s)
  • Optional Oven Elements – Quartz, Panel or Halogen
  • Heater Control Modules (HCM) – Highest Diagnostics
  • Oven Fire Protection – Teflon Oven Curtain System
  • AL-90 Quick-Change Clamp Frames
  • Articulating and Multi-Zoned Clamp Frames
  • Full Sheet Temperature Scanning Systems
  • Interior Oven Lighting and Viewing Window(s)
  • Motorized Sheet Sag Tracking Oven Feature
  • Servo Regulated Valving with Part Recipe Recall
  • Custom Load/Unload Automation – Robotics
  • Vast Process Sensing and Trending Solutions
  • Quick-Change Tooling Systems
  • Latest Safety Scanners with Muting Functionality
  • Ancillary Integrated Equipment – MTC Units, Trimming, Granulating, etc.
  • UL, CE, CSA & HSE Approvals Available
  • International Voltages Available
  • Bi-Lingual Labels and HMI Screens Available