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Brown® SRS-Series


The SRS-Series is a servo-driven thermoformer and trim station in one frame that is perfect for point-of-purchase blister packs, medical trays and food packaging. The servo-drive systems for both form and trim stations act independently but work together so the SRS can be quickly dialed in to ...

Lyle® FM-Series


The FM-Series offers high speed, economical and reliable performance with an infinite array of options for a variety of forming applications. Two moving platens (top and bottom) guided on precision linear bearings allow parts to be formed up or down as required, optimizing material ...



Brown’s CS-Series thermoformer is a fast, flexible, entry-level workhorse that is easily capable of running a multitude of products and materials. The CS can be configured with basic standard features, or with an infinite array of options including deep or shallow draw, making it a perfect fit ...



Brown’s Quad Series thermoformer is the ultimate in brute-strength and production output. The Quad Series combines high-tonnage coining technology with traditional thermoforming processes to produce highly-detailed parts. It delivers 180 tons of coining force and 260 tons of holding force, so ...

Brown® B-Series


The B-Series is a pellet-to-product thermoforming system designed to produce hundreds of thousands of parts per hour while saving energy and operating costs at the same time.

The direct extrusion Brown B-Series hot-sheet thermoformer offers many advantages over traditional ...

Brown® VersaForm


VersaForm is a precision, high-speed continuous thermoforming machine in a compact and powerful package developed for the international thermoforming industry. Available in two models, the FT (Form/Trim) and FTS (Form/Trim/Stack), with a mold area scaled for the demands of the global ...

Lyle® FMT-Series


The FMT-Series offers versatility and performance with rugged, reliable thermoform and trim capabilities in one frame ideal for point-of-purchase blister packs, medical trays and food packaging. Powerful and precise servo platen drives, roll unwind, oven, form station, steel-rule die trim ...

Lyle® 200-Series


The Lyle 200-Series is the industry standard for forming CPET products that require a high tonnage two-stage forming process. The dual stage valve package provides independent control of the two-stage forming process and can be configured through the PLC to operate in conventional mode for ...