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Trim Press

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Brown® T-Series L | LP | LDP

Horizontal Trim Presses

T-Series Horizontal Trim Press is the industry standard multipurpose press equipped with a multitude of cutting edge features to achieve precise trimming, longer tool life, ease of maintenance and faster changeover times. T-Series Models incorporate precision timed flywheels to the main drive ...

Lyle® P2-Series

Horizontal Trim Presses

The P2-Series horizontal trim press offers high-speed trim operations and a multitude of features to achieve trim accuracy, extended tool life and ease of maintenance. This versatile trim press is used to trim a wide variety of parts, from shallow to deep draw and from virtually any plastic ...

Brown® T-Series LS | LS Elite

Horizontal Trim Presses

Brown LS trim press sets the industry standard for speed, accuracy and flexibility. Properly equipped, the LS press will consistently run at speeds of up to 165 CPM. In addition to speed, the servo-driven LS press is configured to slow down to eject and speed up to sync with the cycle time of ...

Brown® V-Series V | VP Models

Vertical Trim Presses

The Brown V and VP model trim presses are vertical acting, matched metal punch and die presses. Servo systems control the main drive, feed system, treadle motion, ejector and product lift table which results in high-speed, precise trimming, accurate counting and integrated product handling. ...

Lyle® PV | PVT-Series

Vertical Trim Presses

The PV and PVT-Series vertical trim press is a versatile machine that can be used for pre-punching, scoring, or final trim applications. The vertical set-up is perfect for parts that don’t stack as well horizontally, and provides the added benefit of accurate counting and product handling. The ...