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Five reasons to choose brown machine group for your tooling

Brown Machine Group Engineering

Generations of

Our in-house mechanical and process engineers, manufacturing experts and service technicians have designed, built and installed forming lines running every conceivable material in virtually every industry in over 60 countries. Making tooling and making it perform well is an integral part of what we do.

Quality and

Brown Machine Group uses advanced technology and automation to deliver tools within 1/10,000 of an inch of accuracy. This combined with rigorous quality control and work process ensure that when your tooling arrives, it’s ready to run.

Brown Machine Group Precision Tooling
Brown Machine Group Precision Tooling

Tooling for
every brand
of machine

Brown Machine Group routinely provides turnkey systems, but our tooling business operates independently to provide superior tooling, excellent service with complete confidentiality assured – no matter what line of equipment you’re running.

Lead Times

With two full-scale tooling plant locations in Fremont, Ohio and Beaverton Michigan, working seamlessly together, we typically offer better lead times and service. We have the bandwidth to handle large orders in a timely fashion, while remaining fast and flexible enough to handle small orders, rebuilds and emergency repairs.

Brown Machine Group Thermoforming


In addition to tooling, you can pair your project with any of our other support services. For example, we can provide the thermoforming equipment and downstream automation to insure a smooth and efficient turnkey solution. During startup we will provide service and process technicians to set the equipment, start up and train your operators to optimize your production requirements.